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  • Hello From Portsmouth

    Hi Everyone,

    Just found this forum and thought I'd join as it looks very informative.

    I've had my T4 (Lottie) for a year now and we use it for family days/weeks away but I'm also keen to use those sites without electric hook ups. Please excuse this query if it is a dumb one (and not in the right area) but not being confident about this is stopping us from using the less busy, non electric hook up (often more scenic) campsites. My concern is the leisure battery, how do I know that it is the leisure battery being used and not the engine battery. I only intend to use it for the lights and if possible the occasional charging of a phone. At present we just use electrical hook-ups but I am conscious of missing out on some lovely campsites. I have a 93' T4 High top Autosleeper.

    Any help much appreciated


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    Hi and welcome to the forum, I take it you have an inverter in your van? Is it a factory conversion or one you have done yourself? From the name I assume one that has been done by a professional company.


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      Once again welcome, I am afraid I cant give you a great deal of assistance with regards to your electrics. However one area I know a little bit about is the camping side, I would like to suggest you consider joining The Camping and Caravan Club. They have a lot of sites in out of the way places as well as the hot spots where they allow a maximum of five units be they campers, caravans, trailer tents, what ever. Many of these can be very large areas but due to licencing the max they can have is five. Again many have electric hookups and I find the big advantage to this is when it comes to cooking or simply boiling a kettle, or depending on the time of year if you need heating. The costs are usually quite reasonable from as little as £8 - £10 a night. I am of the old school and I have served my time washing in cold water and adding extra clothing before going to bed I enjoy my creature comforts to much. On that note give me mains electric every time.
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        Hi Jon, yes it's a factory conversion and I'd assume it has an inverter but you know what they say about assumptions. Can you tell me where it's likely to be located if I do have one?


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          Hi Dave, yes we are considering joining the camping and caravanning club as like you've said they seem to have some lovely sites. I just want to understand how to use the leisure battery for those times when it's needed. We were in it the other night and we had the heating on (gas) and were watching a film on the kindle and it occurred to me the only time we use the electrics is for the lights and charging up the phones, kindles etc. For a couple of nights I'm sure we could do without it but for a week or more we wouldn't be without it as I wouldn't want to run the fridge on gas all week.


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            That's cool mate, I can understand where you are coming from. You enjoy your away time.


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              Hi Surveyor, does the autosleeper not come equipped with a leisure battery voltage gauge anywhere? I take it that it does actually have a leisure battery? Have you tried using a volt meter when you have the various things on on the main battery as this would soon show any voltage drop if it is being used.


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                Hi Surveyor

                There should be a split charging system on the van, which should isolate the main battery from the leisure battery.

                An invertor is a different device - it is used to raise the battery voltage to mains - although these are not efficient so should be used only when you really need 240 volts.

                There is some good advice on all this on the travelvolts website, here:




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                  Thanks for the advice and the link Martin I'll check it out