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  • Fuel Leak

    On our return trip from the Costa del Borth this evening Molly put the window down as she wanted some air. Straight away I could smell neat diesel I offered to drive so she pulled in on the layby on the top of Penybont. "What you doing?" she ask's as I get the bonnet open. Following my nose lead we straight to the union for number 2 cylinder on the pump and its nice steady drip. Cracked it off and retightened but to no avail. Limped the last 25 mile home and got the pipe off. No obvious cracks. So I refitted starting at the pump end making sure pipe was nice and straight then nipped up on the injector...............yep still the same. Anyone else had a similar problem and is the union on the pump replaceable?

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    Hi. Si you should be able to change the end union on the pump

    Any luck with the hub bolt


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      That's what I thought, In the post tomorrow mate.