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Steering rack.

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  • Steering rack.

    Just checking up on MOTs for a T4 I'm hoping to buy and the last "Advisory" states: Play in steering rack inner joints (both sides).

    Does this mean buying a new steering rack or can it be adjusted by a mechanic? Or will it go on for years with just monitoring it?

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    Ours has had an advisory on this for the last 3 mot's. Some vehicles are known for it such as Volvo 240's and 740's as there's a bit more of an allowance. It hasn't got any worse on S49 since we had it and its the same both sides and the tyres wear evenly. If you get a "jobs worth" tester its not the end of the world to change the inner track rods so it shouldn't be a "buy stopper" Its a case of undoing form the track rod end, remove steering gaitors, grip rack and undo track rods and refit in reverse order. If your not hands on your local mechanic should be able to do in 4 hours tops including resetting the toe in (tracking)


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      If its only an advisory keep your eye on it. it could get worse it may just stay the same, However even a steering rack issue shouldnt put you off the vehicle


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        There are captive nuts on the subframe that hold the rack in place. 3 out of the 4 on mine were broken away and the rack moved 5mm in any direction - made steering 'involving'. Could possibly be this.

        Nether fault are that serious, neither is replacing the rack.

        Chasing rot around a rotten shell will take far more time and money to sort.