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T4 Syncro diff solenoid

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  • T4 Syncro diff solenoid

    Hi, I have a 2000 2.5 Intercooler Syncro. The solenoid that engages the rear diff has failed and VW no longer supply them. Does anyone know of anyone supplying these or anyone who could repair it? Thanks in advance, Tim.

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    I have managed to repair one.

    These usually fail due to a crack in the plastic, the fixing screws rust and expand cracking the plastic. if you take it off the van and use a heat gun and thin screwdriver for moulding you can re- weld any cracks. you need a length of pipe to test, suck on the nozzles to test, you can tell if each side is holding a vacuum. I also covered mine in a flexible sealant as well as re welding the cracks.

    the T3 part available from brickworks (£50) only has the front two mounting holes and no feedback switch to connect to the dash board light, also the shaft needs threading 4mm ( tricky as you can easily snap off the shaft) . the T4 internals (rubber bellows / shaft) does fit inside the T3 version if you carefully unclip the T3 one.

    You can get second hand ones on german eBay. search for part number 02D525641A

    the Audi part looks similar and might fit (not tested) part number 8A0711995

    The T5 part also fits but the feedback connector is different (the T5 part also senses the intermediate position not just on or off and it has 5 pins not 2 ) but someone also on the T4 forum has successfully fitted one, they must have figured out the the right two pins to use.

    T5 version with adaptor

    Tip- re fit with stainless steel screws or bolts.

    Not easy having and old odd ball van


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      Glad you have it sorted,


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        Thats the sort of fix we like on here.
        Well done.
        Any pics of your van?