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    Quote Originally Posted by regcheeseman View Post
    None of that is causing the limp mode.

    I rarely go WOT on the van, the boost peak seen was a one-off experiment to see where it was at, I control boost with my right foot in normal driving, but I will back off the preload.

    Does this comment relate to the -20% map???

    You dropped the boost map 20% ????
    It is. The maps are controlling boost relative to the throttle position and fuel IQ.
    If you're 300millibar under or over the set boost limits 3x the ECU throws a limp mode at any point in the rpm.

    As I've stated before. We would need a few logs to see what's happening. What's it recording as a fault - high or low boost pressure? I doubt it's boosted air temps but that's another as you raise the psi.

    The fuelling is weakened off and the boost reduced from 19 psi limit to 15psi. So the bhp and torque are both reduced until you sort out a new clutch.

    What do you think it is if not the ECU protection?
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