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    Just bumped this for Bradleigh2.

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    I spent a couple of evenings working on the sausage mobile.

    Long story short - when you fit a diesel pump and slide the pulley on, dont push the woodruff key out of the shaft. Took me ages to find it and then I only found it by accident as the key was loose, rattling around behind the pulley. When I tried to loosen the three bolts to shift the timing, the key was stopping me getting on one bolt, only when I got my head in there with a torch did I spot it.

    No - I didn't fit the pump originally, but I was called to diagnose why it wouldn't start or run.

    The original fitter also didn't lock the pump up to re-time it, just put it back in what he thought was the same position on the belt - so at first inspection the pulley was about 15 degrees out, I reset it, but it still wouldn't start, but I managed to get it running on easy start, but it was still obvoiusly mis-timed. The pulley being randomly timed on the pump shaft obviously didn't help here.

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    Well diagnosed Reg never easy chasing someone’s previous f@ck muppetry !

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