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    Quote Originally Posted by Cbrdave View Post
    I've always tried to be friendly and willing to share any knowledge I may have and helping someone out.
    Can't see why people meet up and then act like total tears around new people,
    Said hi to some bloke and said I too have a 93plate T4, just started doing it up and think his was real nice, got a very dull cheers from him, when I asked what sort of wheels had he fitted I got the reply of Round ones!, lost my patience and said well done bell and, hope they go square.
    He was surprised and asked why so unfriendly.
    His little mates gathered round and asked what my problem was.
    Told them dicks like them make it hard for people to get involved with groups and need to stop being arseholes.

    Wife wasn't impressed and walked away.
    One guy came up and said Amen to that. He had the same problem getting crap replies and shunned.
    Fair play to you for telling them what you thought of them , there’s twats in every ‘ scene ‘ which is a shame as it’s so hard to break into that group , I tend to be Billy no mates where ever I go .

    Years ago I used to show my car with the west wales rs owners club group , some made me feel welcomed others hated me for owning an old escort ,as they’re into the new focus rs cars and enter concours and think they are amazing because they win trophies with their 6 month old car .

    I even heard them say ‘ here he comes with his rusty shed ‘ funny really as it had a bare metal respray ! I told the chairmen where to shove his trophies and my escort has been unused for the past 7yrs , fastfoward a year ago and the chairmen rang me up wanting to buy my car , I told him , I thought it was a rusty shed and politely told him to F off , karma is a wonderful thing and if your lucky enough god will let you witness it
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