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    My 88bhp lwb twin slider ex taxi, ex tour bus caravelle.

    Anyone who knows me will know Iíve wanted a van for all my 38 years, always had modified Audiís & golfs yet never really had the time or money for a van. Iím a full of petrol head with a passion for dubs but not necessarily the scene.
    March came & the sea of vans seemed to pop up again everywhere around north Wales & my wife finally said we need one. thatís why i married her.
    I looked at loads of ex builder vans etc & weigh my options up. In the end I chose a tatty ex taxi that has been painted by stevie wonder in a sand storm..... mechanical wise heís not bad, body is a bit tatty but will get it sorted over winter & get rid of the little bits of rot. Plg so car insurance, car tax & cheaper ferries.
    This was how we got Gilbert back in April.

    He was a tour bus for the 70ís singer Donovan in 2016. I found some signed cds & plectrums etc when I stripped him.
    We want a day van from him so I binned the 6 rear seats & decided on a full width rock & roll bed. I fully insulated the rear of the van using the silver bubble wrap & a silver backed tape on all the bare metal. I used 35mm recycled plastic bottle insulation which is doubled up in most places due to the caravelle trim having more of a gap than ply. I have covered this in 4 way stretch fabric.
    Iíve also painted a lot of the trim in satin black & did the headlining of the cab in a world map fabric.
    I painted the original caravelle roof lining which took an age but now matches the rest.
    I have removed the original over head heater/blowers as they were utter shite. I plan on fitting lights in for now but eventually want a pop top.
    I had to wait for the bed to be made before I could plan where the electrical items could go. I have a 2500w inverter, split charge & 2nd batt under the bonnet. I went for this mod as I can use the biggest normal car battery without risk of acid venting etc in an accident.
    This is going to be a long term project & I hope to get it as tidy as some of your awesome vans Iíve seen on Facebook. Itís good to be on a forum again.
    Internally thatís about as far as it has got bar my old Raid steering wheel & lucky 7 pool ball. Iíve got a set of recaro mondeo st220 seats which are a complete ball ache of a job to fit but I wonít give up. I have 2 swivels for the front seats so hoping I can get it to work.
    These seats are currently in it but they donít suit it so will be up for sale eventually. The cab will be getting a lot of love over the winter along with me trying to make the most of the room I have. We want a fridge & a sink. Hob would be nice but I donít fancy a gas bottle. Waste & fresh water will be accessed through the drivers side slider & also allow ventilation on hot days. Also storage, lots of storage & cubby holes.
    Externally itís had a debadged grill, crystal indicators, smoked/red rear lights, lhd mirror, been lowered 45mm on full vogtland kit.
    How it looks right now but Iím going to 245/40/18ís next few weeks as originally I bought these wheels for my Audi so lower profile.
    Our first camping trip away last weekend.
    Plan on fitting an awning rail this week so any tips greatly appreciated

    Thanks for reading & hope to become a good addition to the group.

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    Hello and welcome, looks a nice van. Keep the updates coming......

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    Hello welcome and enjoy!

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    Welcome too the forum , nice van .

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    Welcome mate

    Sell my T4 !!! I'd rather stick wasps up my butt.

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    Welcome along. The blue ones are the fastest.......

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    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the journey with us. Tidy looking project.

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    Hi and welcome. Love the lwb

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    Welcome.Love them wheels.

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    Welcome. Nice looking bus!! Awning rail kits on Amazon are quite good and you can tuck them into the channel on the roof. I did it with sticks like sh1t.

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    Slowly slowly catchy monkey!

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