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    T4 Quad Headlight Project .......... latest update

    Hi peeps ........

    I'm pretty sure that many of you already know about the 'Quad Headlight Project' that I've been working on for a while now, posted on the 'other' forum. I knew there would be some interest in such a product right from the beginning, but we're now on 210 pages and over 254,000 views ! it's going to be quite a feat covering the progress here also, but I think I owe it to all 'true' T4 enthusiasts ( that's you lot ! ).

    I'm on the other forum everyday, and I can tell that the numbers have dropped, I also know for a fact that a few 'members' haven't bothered re-joining since VirtualScope lost all previous members details, they just surf the site as guests, which means there's no longer any input from them.

    I'm sure this forum will continue to grow ......... it will take time, but if I can help to drive traffic here I most certainly will

    Thanks guy's

    Yeah, baby ! ........ new Multivan 151bhp AHY 'BigBlue' ; ) >>
    And ......... Lulu, T4 2.5 TDi short nose 126bhp >
    The T4 Quad Headlight Project >

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