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T4 petrol anti vibration v belt pulley

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  • T4 petrol anti vibration v belt pulley

    Hi chaps
    New to t4 but not veins
    I’m putting a 1993 caravelle back on the road
    For my sins as a camper but have a few questions as I can’t find the answers for love or money
    In the process of replacing front short nose crossmember etc as it was all off I thought may as well give the engine a big birthday
    Now I’ve done everything timing belt plugs oil filters etc come to the alternator crankshaft damper and rubber looks like it’s seen better days it works but as it was off I thought what the heck may as well change it
    But no part is obsolete do you chaps have a solution ie change to ribbon belt pulley and alternator instead of v belt ?
    If so does anyone know part no’s

    Thanks for help etc

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    Veins autocorrect numbnuts vdubs


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      Hey Welcome [emoji1317] someone with more knowledge will be along soon 🤙🏽

      T4ism is not a Dis-easeJust T4s


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        Hello and welcome [emoji106]

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          Hello and welcome from the shire. Is it a 2.5 or 2 litre? Do you mean the crank pulley as that usually has a rubber damper built in. If so I could ring TPs and quote are reg number and get you a part number.


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            Hello welcome and pictures please

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              Thanks for replies
              Engine is a 2.0 petrol aac
              I have part no and spent and spent couple hours searching
              028105243f replaced by 028105243b
              It’s also 044105243
              Vw heritage can get but £225 I think not !
              If there is a mod to change from v belt to ribbon belt it can be done a lot cheaper as parts more readily available