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  • T4 Conversion

    Hi I’m looking for someone to do a full conversion on a T4 including rock and roll bed, pop top roof, electrics, carpeting etc.
    Please get in touch if you can provide this service ? Thanks

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    Ah be ya and a warm welcome from the shire. Not sure if theres a one stop shop that will do it all. A lot on here have a go at it their self's. Pop top excluded. doing yourself you get what you want how you want it all at your own pace. Dread to think what a full conversion would cost Pop top a couple a grand.
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      Hello and welcome, where abouts are you?
      There are a number of companys up and down the country that will do a conversion for you. It depends where you are. There is a place near me that can do the work but I am near manchester.

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