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94 t4 2.4 d swift royale motorhome

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  • 94 t4 2.4 d swift royale motorhome

    Hi...just came across this site while researching vw thought I'd join and ask for advice here from actual owners!
    Could anyone advise on the engine performance on the above arrangement....just worried it may be very underpowered.
    Not looking to race everywhere...but don't want to have a mile of frustrated drivers behind me every time I point the nose up!
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome rubi, great site this!

    Can't comment on your exact engine, but I know that all of the t4 engines are easily tweaked to get more power out of them.

    I'm doing the same on mine - it's currently quite underpowered.

    Someone with a 2.4d will be along soon to give better advice!

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      Also.... Pics of your van are needed. That's the currency around here.

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        2.4 (in standard tune) is slow, but you can fit a turbo and get very respectful pace out of it.

        Oh and hello and welcome.

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          Welcome! We talk a lot of toot on here but there's also loads of knowledge and help if you need it.

          I draw the line at being overtaken by lorries. My 1.9td is pretty close but the 2.4 does have a bit more power than that. Am I right in thinking it's a full on motorhome, as in a caravan style body on the back? If so then wind drag will start to hold you back over 50mph but it shouldn't be too painful below that.

          Is this what you're looking at?

          Click image for larger version

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            Welcome and Yes pictures would be nice. I haven’t driven a 2.4 but my friend has one and says it will cruise comfortably at 70 but takes a while to get there 🤙🏽

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              Welcome to the forum


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                Ah be ya and a warm welcome from the Shire. Depends what you think is slow. Faster than a tractor but slower than a Golt GTI.
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                  94 t4 2.4 d swift royale motorhome

                  Hi Rubi and welcome. My work van was a 2.4d and for what I needed it was a little too slow so now it’s a 2.4td. Having said this, with a camper, it’s a completely different style of traveling (mindset/leisure) so the relaxing drive means it’s completely different experience.

                  My grandparents had a 2.4d Compass Navigator coachbuild camper, a similar size to what you’re looking at and they put 70k on the clock all round the UK but with the VAST majority of it in Scotland. Highlands, isles etc. They have a much newer one now but had the old one for years and rate it as the best camper they’ve ever had and the engine was faultless.

                  Either way, it cost me about £400 to make it what it is now, a fairly powerful bit of kit.

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                    Welcome mate. Can't comment on diesel engines, but i am sure every t4 does 70 minimum?

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                      Mines a 2.4D with high mileage.. It is slow but I never have a queue behind me due to my racing past.. driving from llangollen to Snowdonia theres a great twisty road and its rare for anyone to keep up.. the key is not breaking haha


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                        Nothing wrong with a 2.4...

                        I’ve got one, and like Tommy, did the turbo upgrade

                        They come as either 75 or 78 bop as standard...depending on wether you have a cat converter or not.

                        With the turbo, I reckon I’m at 90 bhp. Tommyp’s got an intercooler as well and has wound the fuel up quite a bit. I reckon he’s over 100bhp.

                        For me, they’re a good solid engine. Not quick, but quick enough.