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Rear brakes siezed

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  • Rear brakes siezed

    Hi all, just myself a 91 t4 camper, still finding out what needs doing!
    The offside rear drum has locked solid, any tips on how to release the shoes?

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    Jack it up, put it on an axle stand, remove the wheel, slacken the handbrake adjustment right off and knock the drum off with a hammer. It'll have a seized brake cylinder or handbrake pivot and probably a lip formed on the drum which will want dressing with a sanding disc on the angle grinder.Oh, ahh be ya and a warm welcome from the shire. Pictures, we like pictures.


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      Yeah as si says. Shoes and cylinders renew to go back on not that expensive


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        Thanks for the replies. Already done the big hammer trick! Think the adjuster inside the drum is siezed, the handbrake cables feel slack. Will try to get it backed off with a screwdriver and hammer tomorrow.


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          You may need to be brutal but you'll free it off eventually I'm sure - keep stepping up the brutality with bigger blows in small bunny hops.


          Adjusters need regular cleaning and sparingly coppaslipped in my experience.

          I wonder if there is a warning sensor available?

          Bon Chance.