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Newb with a T4 800 Special 1.9D 1994

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  • Newb with a T4 800 Special 1.9D 1994

    Hi All! :-)

    As I came in straaight away with a problem (it's how I usually find these forums) I thought I'd come and introduce myself!

    I'm Jenna and this (in the pics) is my van. Bought this 1994 1.9D last April and reworked it a bit in time to ferry my partner round festivals and bodyboarding spots. Have tried to order pics from the condition I got it in, to about September last year - doesn't look like it worked, though but am sure you can figure it out :-)

    Most of the modifications are a somewhat temporary first fit and I don't have many recent pics, as I've been under the bonnet more than I've been in it, since I think October last year. There are many bodges, including fitting the inverter on the bulkhead because I only have 1 solar panel and wanted to keep the battery in the front for the time being, to make use of the alternator in bad weather.

    So far we've (mostly me) installed a window, solar panel, vent, inverter, diesel heater, curtains, laminate floor, insulation, cedar cladding, made a bed (changed the design slightly now so slides in and out instead of folding in the middle), done a load of repairs including new alternator, fuel pump seal/bush/throttle shaft replacement, wiring repairs and re-routing, new speakers, some temporary furniture and probably other things I can't remember. We also had the clutch thrust bearing blow up on us while in Ireland last September, after nearly hitting a dog on the crest of a hill at twilight, which wasn't much fun.

    Currently working to get Valdi (the van) back on the road again after issues with a very leaky fuel pump and deal alternator that resulted - issue is likely timing, but we'll see when we next get good weather!

    Look forwad to getting to know you all! :-)

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    Hello and welcome from Somerset lovely looking van welcome to the early 1.9d club

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      Welcome aboard.
      Enjoy the journey with us.

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        Ah be ya and a warm welcome from the shire.i'd say get a build thread going but looks like you have most of it done. yet another van on here that overtakes ours.


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          Welcome to the forum Jenna, I hope your partner appreciates all your hard work. You did well with doing the window yourself as with all the other jobs too. Presumably the window can be opened to let all the noise out or those speakers could deafen someone hehehe


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            Hello welcome and enjoy!!
            Well done on your van!!!!!!
            Jo we have another lady!!!! (Jo being short for Jodie)

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