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  • Fuel Filter.

    A few weeks ago the old tub had to spin over a few turns on a morning before firing up. Gave it a bit of a birthday and replace all the fuel hoses under the bonnet and the copper washers on the return on the pump. Then on Thursday it was suddenly a hell of a lot worse. As soon as you turned it off it was like it had been stood all night with an air leak and would spin over and over before firing into life.Then on Monday it wouldn't run unless you kept your foot down once I got it running. So last night I had the seats out and checked the pipes on the sender expecting to find them perished but all was fine even popped the unit out to be sure there were no issues there. Fitted a new filter tonight including the blue and black O rings on the T pipe, got it running and it was fine after shutting off and then starting again. Then a run to Aldi, got another set of their jump leads down to 9.99 in Ludlow with a surge protector built in.Came out no issues. Its been stood for 3 hours just went out in me shorts and its fired straight up when the glow plug light went out. Looked up when I did the filter last and it was 24000 ago. What a wanker.No sign of water in it. So my advice folks don't leave them filters too long. Now there are no bubbles in the clear pipe, wonder if it was sucking air though the T pipe O rings.