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    Not a no then Arf?
    Originally posted by arfur fox-acre View Post
    No, not quite. Bespoke glazing solutions.


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      Ok ok, you got me.....I'm the Pink Panther.
      Me cago en la madre que te pariĆ³!


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        The rinky-dink Panther.....
        Me cago en la madre que te pariĆ³!


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          Would you guys recommend i replace the crankshaft oil seal while I'm changing the flywheel?

          Looks like it's this jobby.

          I've got two shaft seals for my gearbox to stop my leak. Not sure if there is one on each side? Exploded diagram kind of looked like there was.

          Any other seals or anything you'd recommend I replace while I'm down there?

          Looks like my brake vacuum pump seal needs replacing, and my oil filter mount seal needs replacing.

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            Right, vans going in for it's pre-mot on thursday.

            Think I've pretty much got everything. Got a couple of small welds to do tomorrow afternoon.

            Replaced the rear brake compensator arm after i lost one of the plastic clips doing my trailing arm work - can't just buy one of the clips.

            But.... I noticed that the off side limiting stop rubber thing is missing its top cap bit. Meaning it was about 5mm shorter than the other side. Figured this can't be good having unbalanced rear brakes, so i removed the cap on the other side and raised it 5mm - to where it previously sat. I raised the other side to match.

            Hopefully this will be OK temporarily? I know the proper adjustment of the compensator is meant to be a "very complicated" job.

            Took it for a drive and slammed the brakes on a couple of times. Rear didn't lock up at all and it braked quick enough and in a straight line so [emoji1696]

            Also tried to sort my handbrake as i noticed it wasn't stopping the near side wheel. Turns out the caliper actuator had stuck. Knocked it back and forth with a hammer a bit and it brakes and releases on both sides better now. Any ideas on long term fix? Do i need to take the caliper apart?

            Also have an intermittent fault on my near side brake light. It seems to work most of the time, but cut out again this evening. Wiring i assume?


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