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ATF filter set problem.

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  • ATF filter set problem.

    I bought a filter set and 4 lts of atf as per recommendations on here (for which I am grateful).

    I booked into Ron Evans Autopoint in Kettering to get the job done. He had to get a new drain plug because the existing plug Allen key part was rounded. Anyway, he dropped 3.5ltrs of old atf and cleaned everything ready for the new filter and atf.

    The filter (part number: 116 012 from Topran) didn't fit, but he had to use the gasket from the set to replace the old filter after it had been thoroughly cleaned throughout. Ron assured me he would have the correct filter set ready for the next 3.5 litrs in a week or so.

    After searching for somewhere to get a auto trans flush I decided to replace the old atf with 3 lots of 3.5 litrs because no auto flushers are available around here - even Midlands Transmissions wouldn't do it - and they are a mega outfit!

    I am now treating my front end to a new chrome bullbar from Motor-Chrome-World in Leicester and a pair of retro spot/fog lamps. Apart from these initial minor hiccups I am quite stoked with my T4 and looking forward to our 1st trip to the Norfolk coast in the next week or so. I'm going to see if Motor-Chrome-World can knock me up a chrome roof-rack. I'll let you know how I get on.