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  • I trust things have settled down for you and yours Si?

    Front Number Plate Holders

    The plastic front number plate holder that holds the pressed metal number plate on WVan's front bumper has broken up, so it's held together with zip ties.

    The brand is "Intense", and it looks a bit like these listed on eBay:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	VWT4FrontNoPlate.jpg Views:	0 Size:	208.0 KB ID:	359312
    I've never had number plate holders before, and while they do look a bit "Scene", they do cover up a load of screw holes in the front bumper.

    I'm wondering whether to replace them, and if so with what, or to simply screw the number plate to the bumper?

    What did the VW Dealers originally use?

    It may be the case that these aftermarket holders are all built down to a price, and that perhaps I should visit my local scrapyard and see what OEM holders (from any vehicle marque) are available?

    All suggestions & recommendations welcome

    P.S. The Forum's Search facility couldn't retrieve this Thread - I had to Google it
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    • I suspect dealers in the UK like most other would have just screwed the plates on Jim. We have similar to the above on Mols blue bus.


      • Yes Simon, uk is either screwed or just stuck on with double sided tape to be collected on the M1 hard shoulder.
        The black plastic ones are typical German, so the showroom put there ads on it, or the sheep put some T4 stuff on it


        • I've never had any success with double sided tape in any context Andreas.

          That reminds me that WVan's new upper rubber stick-on seal - the horizontal one above the sliding door - has started to droop again after only two years, despite putting it on with great care. Intrinsically a krappe design.

          What would happen if I wiped it with viagra solution?


          • Door Seals - the ones that should keep the water and draughts out!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	seal2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	45.8 KB ID:	359506

            How do the pattern rubber door seals compare with the genuine VW article in long term practice??

            I'm specifically looking at the ones for the rear Barn Doors, and my gut reaction is that OEM will be assured quality, but I have to ask, as the Chinese ones are £100+ cheaper.

            The Turkish made ones are only slightly more expensive too.

            I'd like to avoid the familiar "buy cheap, buy twice" trap, but they are oh so tempting at this price. For The Win
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            • Hammerite Smooth Ultima (water based)

              Hammerite is a touchy subject on here I know - the consensus generally being that it's pretty krappe, yet many of use continue to use it for non-critical touching up, e.g. seat bases.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	HammeriteUltima.jpg
Views:	16
Size:	16.3 KB
ID:	361437
              I see that Hammerite now offer a water based 'Smooth Ultima' version in either matt or gloss, and with a strongly implied claim that it's more durable than the solvent based version of old. Obviously it would be great to not have to buy that expensive special Hammerite thinners any more, as well as not running through so many paint brushes, but has anyone tried it yet?



              • "Non-critical touching up" - Arf can you explain this please?


                • Ha ha ha

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