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    Changing the rear pads last night on S49 i found we had a seized right rear, and it wouldnt wind back. When i was in the trade i wouldnt dick about with em just fit an exchange unit from the factors and laugh all the way to the bank. Now its mine i'm not so gung ho of spending the dosh. They used to range from 50 to a couple a hundred quid make depending. I solved the problem by fitting one from the pile of doka parts i've still to fit. On the net theres repair kits from a tenner, someone did theirs on here many moons ago, Corps i think. There are also units for as little as 28 quid, anyone had a punt on one? Then theres golf and Audi ones but i think they have a banjo fitting not a straight screw in fit for the hose( i have a few golf ones in stock if i could be bothered to have a look) tight arse or what? So has anybody repaired there own? I'm sure i could. Or had any off said fleabay?

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    Forget the 28 quid ones there from Fu Mancho land.


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      Si. I got a pair from ebay. New old stock. Cost me £40. I have a new 1 I found in the boot of a passat. What side was it


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        I was facing this same dilemma early last summer Si.

        I strongly suspect that all the safety critical piston seals are made East of Suez, regardless of whether you buy a rebuild kit or a complete new unit?

        The German (and other) car manufacturers all have factories in China for example, and you can be sure that the government there will have insisted on a substantial certain minimum of locally sourced parts content. I would bet that in practice, that includes brakes, and may explain why there doesn't seem to be any OEM caliper replacements available - they simply can't compete on price?

        There was someone on here at the time, that said they worked at a caliper re-conditioners, but I cannot yet find that Post. Mind, you have Bigg Red near-bye in Bigg Worcester for sourcing kits (and a need to generate some confidence in your new build?):

        Ideally, I'm led to believe that calipers should be very lightly honed before fitting a repair kit, but I've done loads without having suitable sized kit. Stainless pistons would be the way to go if possible, as it's the inevitable corrosion that kills the seals usually.

        In the end, I chanced on some new units on eBay, with "Topran" printed on the caliper bodies, and in Topran boxes, and only pennies more expensive than buying recon's. They've been in a year but yet done little mileage - and so far so good. Certainly not as cheap as DIY though.


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          About 3 years or so ago, I rang round all my usual factors for a caliper and was stunned when it was nearly £100 from any of them. I remember it being not much over £30.

          I looked into it and decided to buy one of the bay of E from Frentech(??). Roughly £30 per axle.

          Done my own motors, customers - never looked back. Unless the casting is broken (never seen it) or a rebuild kit isn’t available for the caliper type - I’d never buy another caliper again.

          I did all 4 corners on the campervan when we got it back 18 months ago and never had an issue either in use or after being stood.

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            Recent info here;


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              Having given the tree a good shake. You've all confirmed my choice to rebuild the ones I have.


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                Originally posted by S49 View Post
                Having given the tree a good shake. You've all confirmed my choice to rebuild the ones I have.
                It's easy Si, and if you're not bothered about cleaning then up for painting quick too!


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                  I'd come across Bidredduring my rummage on fleabay, i spect i'll order from him and keep it local.


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                    I just post the callipers to big red and then they turn up working a few days later.


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                      A Bigred box of seals arrived today.With Jim and d-9 knowing of them is this the big secret supplier i'd never heard of? And just round the corner in Wooster.


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                        Something for the weekend. It's about time my projects moved on. Click image for larger version

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