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Central locking gone loopy!

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  • Central locking gone loopy!

    Evening all, new to forum but have said hello in the newbie bit ;o)
    So not sure if right place to post but i am having a mare!, bought a `project` well running van and wasn't aware it had central locking `issues. In a nutshell it auto locks all doors as soon as i unlock with key fob, when drivers door is open it appears to be ok, as soon as i slam door shut it all self locks again? It gets better, if i leave drivers door shut and open passenger door and sliding door the locks go up and down continuously!!! Same when i get in to drive, it all locks as soon as door shuts! anyone able to shed some light on this? I gambled and bought two new front actuators, fitted earlier, they sound lovely but just go up and down quicker now! ;o) I am hoping that its just a matter of swopping out the rear and sliding door actuators or is it something more technical.......

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    I remember something about a broken spring in the door latch causing the door to lock itself. It may follow that if you have this fault and its locking the rest of the doors leaving you thinking you have a central locking fault.being a bit of a bumpkin in the sticks none of ours have posh central locking so not 100 percent the fault that rings a bell would effect the central locking but worth checking.


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      Sounds possibly like a failing solonoid in the drivers door

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        Make sure theres nothing out of alignment, the rods are clipped in the doors correctly and if the top door knobs aren't oem but flush types check for them fouling or creating a physical resistance when closing.


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          My moneys on the latch, Someone on here than this a few years back.


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            As Si said there's a little spring on the latch in the door, they break and cause what you have.
            You can buy replacement springs from a few places now.

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              Thanks for all the replies, it seems to be pretty much solid in regards to not dropping down on its own and since i changed battery in the fob it has nearly stopped? i am hoping that a new fob will solve the issue, it cant be the spring in my mind as its random? hopefully new fob may sort, at least the new actuators sound nice!!! ;o)