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    I borrow me dad's pair, but have to jack up as most of my cars are too low to drive up them without catching. The van pushes them away so jack up and lower onto them.

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      I have these, they were made for my dad by the local blacksmith type fella in the village, they're older than me and twice as heavy!
      Never really use them anymore as they are a ball ache to get out and weigh so much, but as they were my old mans I cant get rid, would feel wrong.

      They come in handy for things like exhaust replacements or odds and sods at the rear, the trouble is as they are so high it is difficult to get certain vehicles on them nowadays due to deep front and rear bumpers/spoilers.

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        How about some Jenga style stacks of 4x2. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was a good idea


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          Originally posted by regcheeseman View Post
          How about some Jenga style stacks of 4x2. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was a good idea
          How do you get yours up then Reg.... do you need the Mrs' help with your block and tackle???...


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            Think the ratchet axle stands are a far better bet than those that favour wooden building blocks. The said "got these for a tenner " are just for a quick and easy way of getting the back up. Never had any before these and to be fair the van went on a treat but on the flip side have used axle stands all my working life. Always prefer doing clutch's on big stuff on the deck that way. That way there's less distance for the box to drop if your unlucky enough for it to come of the trolley jack.
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              I agree they can be lethal, a bigger to use on your own and as said previously they like to slide along the ground. I have a set similar, probably about 50 years old and weigh a ton. I use my big trolley jack to raise the van and then lower it on to the ramps...stay safe☺

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                I find them ok if you drive on gently. But yes for anything major I use axle stands and a trolley jack.