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    Originally posted by Paul Knight View Post
    re rad fans - yes, they seem to be working fine
    warmed up (@ 100 now) they kick in and out as before (@90) / i.e. don't appear to be running any harder than before. (I've replaced the temp sensor for the fans, too)

    re: thermostat - It isn't using any water (and has been flushed etc) and hasn't shown any signs of overheating (i.e. it runs exactly as it always has, albeit showing 10-deg higher on the gauge)
    I guess a new 'stat is the next step - then perhaps I need to find a spare set of gauges?
    How do you know it's 100°C?
    The AJT 2.5TDI "blue cluster" gauges are mapped in the cluster so that at temp ie pointing at 90 on the gauge is actually a temp of between 75-115degC.

    Apologies I'm not ofiah with the 2.4Ds cluster / temp gauge. If it's the old style "pre 1999" then it could be worth some contact cleaner on the clusters 28 pin socket and plug and secondly try a seperate temp gauge or dip test the coolant?