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    My first post here so please be kind!
    Picked up our 1st VW Caravelle yesterday, its an 03 plate lwb, van itself is pretty sound but the bottom runners on the sliding doors could do with renewing, what do I need to be looking at?
    Many thanks Morph

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    Hi Morph, welcome to the forum. You can get the kits on eBay, for left and right side doors. Pretty easy to fit, just remember the doors can be quite heavy so best to support with a jack and a bit of wood. Keep us updated [emoji106]

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      As Mr nozzle said but take his advice with the jack. And don't use the missus to hold if up on her foot like my other half had me doing 😂😂

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        I believe that your lower roller will be a long reach arm the short reach are for earlier models pre 97_98. Just recently fitted long reach on my 96 plate as the same as was fitted, but they still catch the door seel so just ordered the short reach fingers crossed I hope this sorts the problem

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