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Urgent help needed! Gearbox question

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  • Urgent help needed! Gearbox question

    Hi all,

    I'm in need of urgent help as my gearbox on my van has decided life wasn't worth living anymore. My van is running a 1.8t 20v engine with what we suspect (hasn't been rolling roaded yet) between 225-250bhp. My old gearbox which was an 02B died and I have spoken to a few people who have said that the 02G is the way forward as it was designed for the more powerful vans. I have been told they can do this transplant but they need to modify the linkages. However, they are still saying they cant garentee it wont blow the box in 6 months time with that much power.

    The question is, what do you have in your vans and what power are you making? I don't want to spend £1400 on a whole new gearbox, clutch etc just to destroy it in a few months time.

    I REALLY need help on this, I'm at that soul destroying point of thinking of selling the T4 and going to the dark side.

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    Hey Jon...

    Have a look here :
    As there are a few bods running "big" power AUQ engines. (Doug, Adrian, Mark) who can help you.
    BONGO FURY - 222bhp - 390lb/ft - 16.7064 1/4
    Are you quick enough for the


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      He's asked on there James, it's Jonathan Ridgeway [emoji106]