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My second T4, operation de-chav

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    Did spot this, hard to see in the photo though

    bottom edge of the doors is not quite sealed properly, can't quite see how much water could get up and under the lip of the door though - unless some sort of venturi low pressure area is sucking water up when driving???

    Rained heavily today so I went and sat in the van and watched - nothing. Well it was pouring in through the rear light

    but that goes straight back out through the drain holes in the cavity (which is well protected with cavity wax)

    The side window doesn't shut properly

    but no wet was getting in here regardless.

    It rained again later so I went and watched again, found a trickle coming in round the back of the seal where it clamps into the body, not actually passing the seal, I'm going to pull the seal off the frame, clean it out and fit it again with some sealer - hopefully that'll sort it.

    Here's the deformed window catch?

    A quick google showed that is not meant to look like that and that a replacement is no longer available

    Found a piece of old TV bracket in the skip that is about the right thickness - actually a bit heavier gauge - and already has one bend in it

    Marked out the shape I think the bracket is supposed to be and started to cut it out with a dremel

    Roughly cut out

    Now the bit I'm not looking forward to, trying to put the second bend in with only a small vice and basic hand tools, I used a hot air gun to warm the metal up a little, not sure if it helped at all but the bend went in ok

    Drilled and roughly dressed with a file to shape, need to test fit before finishing it.


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      Looking great
      dyslexics are teople poo


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        Finished in Lidl's 'finest' Baufix enamel and fitted.

        Fits fine and the window now shuts properly - one more job off the list.


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          You know that leak I spent ages with? Carefully cleaning the seal and refitting it?

          It rained Saturday morning - and the water was still seeping in at the same rate as before

          Seem to be coming in where the dodgy circle is then running down in the direction of the arrow

          ON the positive side, that black cover over the rear light was free.... well not free exactly, I bought a genuine new step from heritage that was cheaper than ebay scene rip-off merchants and needed to spend £2 more to get free postage so added the light cover and it worked out cheaper than paying the postage! The total price was still cheaper than ebay.

          Anyway, back to the leak, at least the light is now dry, the water is coming in between seal and aperture rather than between seal and the door - I've resealed around the door with more silicone and it seems to be dry.

          So time to fit the new ply floor and carpet, but first to do something about the exposed foil insulation on the threshold step into the cab area

          A trimmed section of mega van mats carpet sorts that out

          Now with the ply and carpet fitted

          Trimmed around the rear door

          And the bed/seat fitted back in


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            Kids with muddy feet? there's now a mat on the step so they can wipe their feet on the way in - I know that will never happen so just cut a mat out from the old carpet.

            Finally got around to finishing cutting out the door panel, covering it and fitting it.

            Back on with finishing the last few bits of the furniture, I could have bought some cheap naff table legs or some horrific column affair that screws into a large boss in the middle of the floor but settled on a folding aluminium table leg from Southdowns Motorhome centre.

            As the new table leg was too wide - it needed to be narrowed a bit, painful to do this as it was an expensive (but very nicely made) bit of kit

            Eyeing it up for size on the table top/cupboard lid produced a moment of terror when I thought I had cut it too narrow, I hadn't.

            Even so the leg is too long, I did contemplate modifying it further but sat in the van for a bit and tried a few options, there has now been a re-design for the better on he table front, meaning that the table leg is now a bit too short so I had to build up the height using a raised plinth.
            Couple of bits of ply roughly shaped, glued together and clamped

            Tidied up, glued and screwed into place onto the underside of the table


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              I like the mat on the step idea. I'm gonna borrow that.


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                Originally posted by karma846 View Post
                I like the mat on the step idea. I'm gonna borrow that.
                Carry on! I've had that offcut piece of coir matting stashed in the loft for about 3 years waiting for this, needs a 'WELCOME' stenciled on it now...

                Right, moving on,

                How about some painting?

                Even wondered why people don't apply a painted finish to ply very often?

                Because it sucks up paint, the grain lifts and every single mark and dent shows up.

                Four hefty coats of hi build later....

                Just white primer but ideally I want a hi gloss glassy finish, it's gonna need a few coats and a lot of flatting - lets see how that goes....


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                  righto, progress.....

                  Failed to find a suitable thingummy to make my redesigned table setup work , I sketched up an idea and found myself a lump of ally left over from when I built my FZR streetfighter chassis too long ago.

                  A lathe and some billet

                  Bloody lathe sits idle and in my way for 11.9 months of the year but when I need it, it's a godsend.

                  The locating pin and bush made up - as am I!

                  The pin fitted into my table top, bolted up and loctited down. I had to cut a couple of layers out of the ply laminate so it would sit into the wood and not be visible on the top side, a quick blob of filler has covered it over nicely.

                  It's mating half the bush fits snugly into the edge of the worktop

                  Effective T4 interior design for me is about making components serve more than one purpose if at all possible, this is the lid of the rear storage area

                  Lift it out and drop it into place to form a table.

                  The table willswivel forwards and backwards in the van so it can be swung towards the back of the van when cooking a meal or swung forwards towards the front (swivelled) seats for eating a meal or whatever; also means that the person sat in the back of the van isn't trapped in by a table.

                  I've filled the odd dints and marks in the cabinet doors with some bumpersoft filler (better than normal filler), rubbed them down and applied a few more hefty coats of filler primer.

                  Still a few imperfections but the surface is nearly flat enough to receive a base coat of colour


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                    nice, always good to give the lathe a run

                    im impressed with your dedication to a good finish, im going the other way so when it gets twatted, i wont notice.


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                      Originally posted by Mugglesquop View Post
                      nice, always good to give the lathe a run

                      im impressed with your dedication to a good finish, im going the other way so when it gets twatted, i wont notice.
                      It is indeed, if only to justify it taking up so much space.

                      When I get twatted the finish wont matter either.

                      More pedantic painting progress....I'm only painting four pieces of wood but it's taking an age.

                      Yet more primer filler went on, a few tiny bits of filler were added and a guide coat.

                      That was flatted back and the smallest cupboard door was deemed to be acceptable and ready for colour.

                      As for the other three, yet another few coats of hi build followed by a guide coat

                      Even so I found a small pin head sized hollow in an edge of the table which needed the smallest possible smidge of filler.

                      Flat down and base coat next! Yay!


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                        Awesome thread dude. Your skill set is impressive, very impressive
                        You can touch my beard as long as I can touch your boobs. If you have no boobs then keep your damn hands in your pockets.


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                          Originally posted by David View Post
                          Awesome thread dude. Your skill set is impressive, very impressive
                          Cheers, My skills are self taught, it's not my job or anything, just years of being a obstinate tightwad and refusing to pay anyone to do anything for me, ever; that and 30 years of practice.


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                            Painted the reverse sides of the furniture.

                            Doesn't look bad, paint flowed out nice

                            But loads of fisheyes

                            Think it was what I used to wipe the panels prior to painting, some IPA wipes that may have left lint on the surface, I'll flat down, try to get rid of the dust in the garage and go again...


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                              I was not even going to paint the inside of the fridge cupboard but having put paint on it I'm really not happy with the condition of the end 'grain' visible on the edge of the triangular pieces used to reinforce the door. The edges got a skim of filler to tidy up the edge of the board.

                              The rest of the paint had to be flatted down to get rid of the eyes, I started to apply a guide coat all over, but then came up with a clever idea, using a white paint pen to fill the fish eyes in means that while wet sanding the low spots remain clearly visible, normally when you wet sand the wet surface loos fine until it dries off again.

                              I started to repaint the panels and the gun seemed to be struggling to deliver enough paint, as I was using my Bergen mini Hvlp (which I love) it only has a 1.0mm nozzle and adding a touch more thinner to the paint solved the problem.

                              A very light mist coat followed by two thick coats - 20 minutes between each and the last one being thinned again prior to application

                              This is the table underside shortly after painting

                              and the cupboard door and hob fold-down flap

                              an hour later with the paint still very soft, the surface has levelled and the reflection is not too bad

                              I love the plasticky look of 2K and that table leg plinth looks like it was moulded to the table
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                                Painted the other sides of my cupboard doors and table earlier.

                                Very chuffed with how well the paint went on, picked up a little bit of dust but that's unavoidable.


                                Once the paint was dry, I was left with something hideous in the paint