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    Originally posted by qtronix View Post
    just thought i would put it here for people looking for a cheap pump upgrade,
    i was given an fuel pump off a Kia Sedona 2.9 its a 11mm pump with lda 20mm shaft. the boost pin looks like the modded ones you can buy with steep ramp angle.
    0460414139 VE4/11F2000R624-3
    didn't even think of looking into thses cars for pumps lol.
    Great find qtronix, 11mm pumphead too, I'm assuming it's not a sraight swap on a 1.9?


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      Originally posted by Activ8 View Post
      Great find qtronix, 11mm pumphead too, I'm assuming it's not a sraight swap on a 1.9?
      yeah 11mm pump head.

      didn't have a pulley on so dont no the count. it has a timing advance is off the fuel pump pressure line so you would have to swap it out but apart from that its a stright swap.


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        should have put it has an electronic cold start that is on the fuel pressure regulator to the timing advance. its only a 12v supply like the start solenoid. so you could use that and do away with the manual pull handle or swap it out. but to swap it out the would have to swap the advance plunger as it has no cam bar and to do that the pump has to come apart.

        just searched for the engine name KIA 2.9TD 16V SEDONA CARNIVAL J3 KJ ENGINE DIESEL FUEL PUMP
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          after my tig welder broke a couple of years ago i have finally got around to getting another one. picking it up friday a nice ac dc tig. so i can weld a manifold up for this and new weater tank. sould be fun


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            pixked up my tig the other day so i can start to make the new manifolds and inlet the ones i have now are steel and look a bit ****
            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20190803_124604.jpg
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              things have come to a stop once again lol, just as you have things planned out bills and shit come in that put things back (again).
              picking up the gas for the welder this friday and there charging me 20 quid to pick it up nice.
              moded the inline pump for the oil return, had a mate flow test it on his bench.
              now this is where things might change.
              i might just run the gt35 and inline. i had the supercharger fixed in my head but i am aiming for a higher number now.
              the block is coming back out to have liners put in and iam in talks with a guy about a griddle for it.
              the oil pump shaft is coming out and a idle pulley is going to be made for it so a dry sump can be fitted.


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                Originally posted by qtronix View Post
                iam in talks with a guy about a griddle for it.
                I used to make and produce block girdles back in the day, sold a fair few, mainly to the GTD forum

                Google 'regcheeseman girdle block' gets you

                Click image for larger version

Name:	girdle003.jpg
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                I still have the CAD files - could get you a price for a 1 off, probably be £50, you'd need to get spacers turned, but I've got the CAD files for those as well, you need 10 off spacers at around £3 a pop. less if you have a mate with

                Have a look here
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                  This talk is completely over my head but I’m watching with so much interest 🤙🏽

                  T4ism is not a Dis-easeJust T4s