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  • An honest review of the shortfalls and daily costs from a trusted source.

    Out of genuine interest, have you done a projected real world gross cost exercise for it over the time you’ll own it? Running costs, insurance (which I understand is often higher than an ICE) and depreciation?

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    • No.
      I / We haven't.
      What ever "energy" savings we make over say 3 years will be instantly wiped out by depreciation I suspect.
      Second hand EV's will no doubt be piling up in specialist recyclers as the general pubics will (and quite rightly so) be utterly sceptical about taking one on. Look at the low mileage used EV's out there. We looked at a vRS model with less than 100 miles on it with £10+k off at a dealers, (Mrs didn't like the colour!) but I think the economy/cost of living/brexit/price of inter-planetary travel, oh and baked beans are all playing their part in kicking the working man into serf-dom (read long term submission).

      Worth going to try one though if only to waste some youfs sales exec time and enjoy a free coffee or three.