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Heres my wee van

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  • Heres my wee van

    Only had it week
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    Looks tidy. Get that sexy ass little ABL hoofing some grunt out and you’ll be chuffed.

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      Thats looks pretty straight. Just ditch that bonnet bra they hold the moisture and rust the bonnet out. Active8 is still coming to terms with his.


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        It looks really tidy. Welcome aboard, more pics please!

        The lessons - there are many , on here , with a little reading, but the main one is do it yourself and learn from the experience!

        I was lazy, regular removal of a bonnet bra for cleaning, waxing and polishing then treating any issues will, I'm sure look after it fairly well.

        My bonnet had clearly been replaced and sprayed red over its white base. It blistered under the bonnet bra. The bra itself is still good after nearly 15 years. The bonnet is on another van exposed but treated with Bilt Hamber Deox. I have plans for it.


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          Yeah I don't like bonnet bra thats how I bought it iam planing getting van touched where needs it its just panel van but me and the wive want to line it carpet it full rock and roll bed so we can carry the kids but when we got married we couldn't afford a hoonmoon we doing up new house etc kids so we want to tour cornwall in it as late hoonmoon by next summer ts been a dream of mine to do own vw camper and tour cornwall for 20 odd years and finally we have manged to buy one