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    Quote Originally Posted by Activ8 View Post
    I appreciate all the feedback and inputs BUT you have to ask is it all worth the outlay? Welder £500, Mask £75, Gloves £30, Consumables £60, Welding Tools £50 .... thats some shopping list for making the odd exhaust as without the "projects" I simply wouldn't generate the competency to tackle complicated manifolds ..... is there a budget system that I can start with perhaps and progress to the R-Tech Nirvana?
    In my opinion yes it is worth the outlay , once you have bought the welder that’s your biggest outlay , I’m tempted with getting an R-etc welder myself .

    You can buy gloves a lot cheaper but still good quality £15-20 , I don’t normally wear gloves as I find them clumsy to weld with , but if I’m picking up a job I’ve just welded I’ll grab my gloves .

    The only time I wear gloves is if I’m using a plasma cutter .

    You can get a nice solar powered welding mask for around £35 , local motor factors ( Sealey helmet ) or a generic helmet from eBay , handy to have the grind facility on the helmet .

    Once you have the welder you’ll be fabricating all sorts , I don’t use mine for months , but it’s there when I need it plus I begrudge paying a garage to weld something, a plate welded by a garage too Mot standard is , well below the standard I expect .

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    Gloves? You'll soon toughen those hands up. My metal work teacher at school, Mr Cummins said hot metal was at it's dangerous when it had stopped glowing. This he told me after i'd picked my work up off the anvil and did a little dance trying to let go of it.And now 40 odd years later I still burn myself most weeks in the same manner. He'd say that boy don't listen.

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    I just wear nitrile gloves to stop UV skin damage. Leather tig welding gloves are on the shopping list.

    I regard making exhausts as a job for an exhaust guy, I'm lucky to have a good one fairly close. Definitely wouldn't give up the welder, so useful for brackets, mounts, plates and random bits and pieces. It opens up a lot of options.

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    Picked this up online over the weekend.... rear bumper diffusor. Another project for the year ahead.

    DO NOT DISTURB - I am disturbed enough already

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