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ian millar
11th September 2016, 04:51 PM
Hi T4 forum ...
I'm a new user & am trying to get some advice regards a very recently developed problem with gear selection on an R reg 2.4 tdi. It became a problem a year + ago, & I had an ex-vw technician fit a new nylon bush on the selector rod(it had perished) which solved the issue but it has now become difficult to engage gear again although the bush ensemble still appears to be in situ as it was when fixed last year, so I'm wondering what the issue could be. Any advice/guidance would be gratefully received thanks.

Mr Nozzle
11th September 2016, 05:55 PM
Hi Ian, welcome to the forum. There's a few bushes in the gear linkages, could it be any of the others?
What I would do first is remove the gaiter around the gearstick so you can see the linkages and give them a good squirt of wd40, also a squirt under the bonnet where you can see the linkages there. Keep us updated.

Adventure Van
11th September 2016, 08:35 PM
Fairly easy to replace all the bushes/top hat washers etc... Get underneath and have a good grease up - it'll give you an understanding of what you're about to do.
Are all gears difficult to engage? Or just a particular one?

Wheel or tyre question? Just ask... it's kinda what I do! 👍

13th September 2016, 12:11 AM
Hi Ian, welcome, I had a similar problem with my 2.4d, after various investigations it turned out to be the clutch bearing wasn't releasing due to the fins (springs on the clutch assembly) being damaged or failed. The clutch was biting right at the floor. In fact it was starting to bind when fully depressed. Gear selection with the engine off was no problem but once running it was a different story. It ment fitting a new clutch kit which I got from that well known auction site for 50 with free next day delivery which I think was a good deal. Problem was solved, don't know if you have a similar problem but thought would put it out there, might be worth some consideration



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